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Dash Mortgage Coach

Do you have what it takes to become a Dash Mortgage Coach? ūüí™

Get rid of any preconceptions you have of what it means to be a Loan Officer or Processor. At Dash, we do things differently. Our Mortgage Coaches act as a singular point of contact for customers and clients. They act as a personal guide, assisting clients in the process of purchasing a home from start to finish. A Mortgage Coach must understand, interpret, and apply the objectives of prospective clients to the homebuying process. He or she needs to match the client’s objects to the most appropriate loan product; Then, the coach will need to carefully follow all applicable product guidelines to properly qualify, price, and document each transaction for approval by the underwriting team. They are the sole intermediary between the client and the underwriter.

Mortgage Coach Job Duties

The job duties of a mortgage coach are as follows:

  • Act as the singular, primary point of contact for the client by answering questions, addressing concerns, reviewing products, and helping the client meet his or her goals and objectives.
  • Guide the client from the initial phase of the loan application process through the closing phases including reviewing credit scores, analyzing electronic underwriting results, interpreting guidelines, creatively structuring viable options, debt-to-income ratio, the formal application process, risk evaluation, and final document¬†signing.
  • Attract new customers and clients by having a friendly personality and building relationships within the real estate community, including real estate agents and other professionals in the industry.
  • Maintain, protect, and promote the company image by keeping all information, including that of the clients, confidential.
  • Increase job knowledge by completing continuing education opportunities through reading professional publications, participating in professional organizations, and taking advantage of networking opportunities.
  • Assist in the completion of the company’s mission by completing related tasks as appropriate.

Mortgage Coach Skills and Qualifications

The skills and qualifications of the mortgage coach are as follows:

  • Must be (or earn) a license as a condition of employment
  • Experience in the field as¬†a loan originator, processor, or related occupation is required; two years of experience in the field is preferred
  • Attention to detail is critical as the mortgage coach will be responsible for processing loan documentation
  • Must be exceptional at time management
  • Must have strong math skills
  • Must have a friendly personality and be focused on delivering exceptional service to the client

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