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Home Loan Process

Let’s be honest. Getting a home loan sucks.

It’s stressful, complicated, and riskier than most people know. Why? Because to get a loan your application and paperwork typically go through more people than you’ll ever actually meet.

Dash simplifies and streamlines the process so you can get to your new home faster, with less stress.

It’s not just about doing better – we are better. We’re so sure our innovative way of doing things will get you to your new front door fast, we guarantee it. You’ll close as expected. If you don’t, $5,000 to you. $5,000 to the seller. Learn more about the Dash Loan Closing Guarantee ->

Them (Sucks)

Step 1

You submit an application and talk to a loan officer about your situation.

Step 2

Your loan officer says “yeah, you’re good,” and moves on. So you make preparations to buy, not knowing the preapproval they gave you isn’t as good as the paper it’s written on.

Step 3

You go under contract on a home so your loan officer, knowing he has you on the hook, passes you on to his loan processor.

Step 4

The loan processor, who knows very little about your specific situation, starts asking for all sorts of paperwork.

Step 5

Should the underwriter get a file from the processor that doesn’t meet their requirements, your loan could get a denial.

Step 6

Your loan isn’t guaranteed and their lack of quality costs you thousands of dollars in inspections, due diligence money, and appraisals.

Us (Sucks Less)

Step 1

You submit an application. A Dash mortgage coach with experience navigating home loan roadblocks will get in touch to discuss details.

Step 2

Your Mortgage Coach will educate you, preapprove you, and make your offer stronger with the Dash Home Loan Closing Guarantee; conditions apply.

Step 3

You close on time, with less stress, because your home loan was guaranteed.

In a bind and need to know if you can still own it? Dash it. We’ll help you get the home you want, even if your last loan fell through.

See if you qualify for a Dash Home Loan today! You have nothing to lose. Zero commitment. Zero fees. Just Dash It & Own It.

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