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When you’re making an offer or going to the negotiating table, you can’t be unsure of your client’s financing. But many lenders overpromise and underdeliver, putting realtors and their clients in a tough spot. Dash is different. We help you go to the table with your strongest offer, backed by a mortgage partner that follows through.

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Guaranteed Loans

At Dash, we don’t make promises we can’t keep. If we prequalify your client, we’ll also guarantee them. And if something goes wrong? We’ll give $5,000 to your buyer and $5,000 to the seller.* Learn more about our Dash Loan Closing Guarantee

Last-Minute Loans

Watching a client lose their dream home because of their loan falls through is one of the most frustrating experiences for a realtor. 

If you’re in this position – let’s talk. We may be able to step in and help your client get the loan they need, even at the last minute.

Dash’s unique loan process cuts out the middleman, allowing us to move faster than other mortgage companies. We can help your Carolina client finance their new home before they lose the sale.

*Conditions apply.