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A Dash customer finds her perfect loan

Let's be honest - getting a home loan sucks. But it doesn't have to.

We’ve changed the home loan process to make it work for you. No middleman, no extra steps. Just a simple process that lets us move fast, so you can too.

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A Dash Mortgage Coach

Meet the Mortgage Coach

We’re your home loan lender BFFs


Hassle-Free Home Loans

We’ve simplified and streamlined the home loan process to make it faster, easier, and all around less horrible.


People-Focused Mortgage Coaches

You’re not a number. You’re a person with feelings, and we want you to feel good (or at least okay) about the home loan process. Let our experienced mortgage coaches guide you step by step.


Dash Home Loan Guarantee

The best mortgage lenders put their money where their mouth is. We guarantee you’ll close on a home loan or we’ll pay up.

Cutomer reviews

Are we Carolina’s best home lenders?
We sure are.

It’s not polite to brag, we know. But what about letting other people brag about us? To understand why Dash Home Loans is so popular, it’s best to hear it from our customers themselves. We’ve built our national reputation one story – and home – at a time. Here are a few.

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Home Loans

Dash makes Carolina home loans easier

Need a home loan in NC or SC? Whether it’s your first home or your fifth, we can help you get the loan you need.

  • Simplified home loan process with no middlemen
  • Your personal Mortgage Coach will help you every step of the way
  • Closing guaranteed —and if not, you and the seller each get $5,000 on us
Home Refinancing

Refinancing in North and South Carolina?

Dash Home Loans refinances existing home loans so you can improve your finances. We’ll help you refinance your home to:

  • Lower your monthly mortgage payment
  • Get a better interest rate (or switch from a variable to fixed-rate mortgage)
  • Transform your home equity into cash for other needs, such as debt repayment or home renovation projects
A Dash customer submits completes their loan application
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No matter what type of loan you’re looking for or how unique (or conventional) your circumstances, the Dash loans team will make working with a mortgage lender easier than you thought possible.

First-time buyers moving in

Taking Care of First-Time Home Buyers in NC and SC

You’ve never owned a home before, but you’re ready to build wealth and create a more permanent home for yourself or your family.

See how we help first-time buyers
A Carolina Realtor working with clients

Carolina Realtors Trust Dash Home Loans

Want to give clients peace of mind that they can buy the home you’re showing? We can help.

See how Dash can help
Experienced buyers relaxing in their new home

Lenders to Keep Up with Experienced Home Buyers

It may not be your first rodeo, but it could be your easiest. We’ll show you what a home loan looks like without the complication.

See how we help experienced buyers
A self-employed homeowner on moving day

A Home Loan for Unique Home Buyers

Self-employed? Cool. Credit history woes? It’s okay. Don’t let one of the billion things that makes you special stop you from reaching out.

See how we help unique buyers

We care deeply about our people and their communities

Learn more about our community outreach program

A friendly Dash expert
Dash Loan Closing Guarantee

Close on a home with confidence

Home loans fall through all the time – and usually at the 11th hour. With other mortgage companies, even a pre-qualification doesn’t guarantee you’ll close on your home loan. We do things differently. We back our pre-qualification with a $10,000 guarantee.

We’re so confident that your home loan will go smoothly that we’ll give $5,000 to you and $5,000 to the seller if you don’t close as expected. Even if you don’t cash in on this offer (and it’s not at all likely), our guarantee makes your offer stronger to the seller and gives you peace of mind during the home loan process. Conditions apply.

Learn more about our guarantee

The Dash Blog

Home buying resources & articles

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Dash Home Loans

Most Common Contingency Clauses

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Dash Home Loans

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Dash Home Loans

Easy Home Loans in NC and SC

Dash is a different kind of mortgage company. With a history of going to bat for our clients, we offer multiple types of home loans in Charlotte, NC and Raleigh, NC, as well as throughout North and South Carolina.

Types of Home Loans

We’re home loan matchmakers. We pride ourselves on matching all kinds of buyers with the best loan types for them: FHA loans for first-time buyers, VA loans for veterans, special financing for buyers with credit challenges, jumbo loans for big purchases. Small down payment, big down payment, tiny house, mansion? It doesn’t matter. Tell us about you and your dream home, and we’ll match you with the home loan type that gives you the savviest deal.

Our Home Loan Application Process

To get a home loan in NC or SC, traditional mortgage lenders typically involve far more people than you’ll ever actually meet, making it easy for miscommunication and delays to jeopardize your loan.

Dash is different. We changed the home loan process to make it work for you. No middleman, no extra steps. Just a simple process that lets us move fast, so you can too.