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The Dash Process

To get a home loan, traditional lenders typically involve far more people than you’ll ever actually meet, making it easy for miscommunication and delays to jeopardize your loan.

Dash is different. No middleman, no extra steps. Just a simple process that lets us move fast, so you can too.

Tell Us Who You Are

First-time Homebuyer in Charlotte NC

First-Time Home Buyers

You’ve never owned a home before, but you’re ready to build wealth and create a more permanent home for yourself or your family.

Carolina Realtors

Want to give clients peace of mind that they can buy the home you’re showing? We can help.

experienced home buyers with dash home loans president in Charlotte

Experienced Home Buyers

It may not be your first rodeo, but it could be your easiest. We’ll show you what a home loan looks like without the complication.

Unique home buyer in Raleigh NC

Unique Home Buyers

Self-employed? Cool. Credit history woes? It’s okay. Don’t let one of the billion things that makes you special stop you from reaching out.

Loans fall through all the time – often at the 11th hour. Don’t miss out on your dream house because something went wrong at the last minute. If we prequalify you, we guarantee your closing (restrictions apply).

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¹Guarantee is based on loan closing, restrictions apply.
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